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Which is where I can help.

I’ve been a writer all my working life, starting on a regional newspaper as a teenager before taking a degree in English and moving into advertising, which a man I met in a pub told me was tougher but more fun and better paid than journalism. He was right on all three counts. I worked as a mainstream copywriter for a number of ad agencies, first in Leicester and then in London, creating press ads, posters, TV and radio commercials and a whole lot more for many different clients and winning a few awards along the way.

I went freelance decades ago because I wanted a better work/life balance for me and my family, which sounds a run-of-the-mill idea these days but was a truly outrageous concept back then.

And I’ve been freelance ever since.

How can you cut through the babble? How can you tip the balance in your favour and get your message heard and acted upon instead of disappearing in the fuzz of white noise? Design is part of the answer, as is technology. The rest is down to the words.

Good copy is about getting the message right and communicating it effectively. It ain't just what you say, it's the way that you say it. That means writing a set of words that are relevant, engaging and memorable. You need people to sit up and recognise that the information you're communicating is of real value to them. You need them to understand and embrace the message. And you need them to remember and act on that message. Good copy can differentiate your organisation, energise your people and customers - and win business. 

So many communications channels, so many messages... sometimes it seems as if the whole world is shouting but nobody is actually listening.

​Charlie McCormick ​​​

corporate copywriter


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