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The same can be said for every other sort of project I work on. Depending on your resources, and requirements, my role can be anything from half a day on key messaging to 50 hours a week for a month or more, and anywhere in between.

Regardless of the support you need, I’ll always keep you informed of progress. I’ll be straightforward, honest and respectful of any confidential information. I’ll deliver on time and on budget. And throughout it all, I’ll work hard to earn the trust of your people.

I work on a huge range of different corporate projects - websites and annual reports, brochures and sustainability reports, tone of voice projects and posters, ads and white papers... any external or internal corporate communication you can think of. And probably quite a few that you can't. I write for CEOs and FDs, heads of Sustainability, HR and IR, and many more. Sometimes I work direct for clients, at other times via some of London's top design consultancies.

What all these projects have in common is that they need the right words used in the right way in order to deliver a particular outcome for the organisation. But one thing they don't have in common is the level of support they need from me. On a report, my role might be to provide a full service including interviewing all the key executives, by phone or in person, and writing a full draft of what could be a 64pp document. At other times, I might provide a light-touch editing service to make sure that client-generated copy reads consistently from front to back.

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